Freak Power Collection

The Freak Power collection consists of 125 framed pieces of original artwork, vintage campaign ephemera and signed photographs.  



The Freak Power collection is an assemblage of political art and writing from Hunter S Thompson’s 1970 campaign for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado, where the ski resort of Aspen is located. Thompson created a controversial and widely publicized campaign by writing about political issues in his witty, savage voice and through collaborating with local and international artists to create clever political graphics. The art from those campaigns is now highly sought after by collectors and because of how rare many of the prints are, much of the work has not been seen by the public since the campaign. There is also a considerable amount of Thompson’s writing from that time that has not been republished since 1970. Writer and curator Daniel Joseph Watkins has searched exhaustively through several archives and private collections to gather the art, writing, and other materials which total more than 120 works.